Turner Logging: Tips for Selling Timber


Advice From Turner Logging: How to Sell Timber

If you’re a landowner looking to sell some trees, you’re going to be faced with a lot of decisions.  You’ll have to make judgments on a trustworthy logging company so that as you work out the details, from the contract to the purchase price, you’ll know that they’re taking care of your property and giving you a fair amount for your timber harvest.

Work With a Quality Forest Service

You’ll need the knowledge of an experienced forester and a trustworthy logging company to move forward.  From competitive price offers to taking care of your property, a lot of components factor into the reputation of a logging company. Professional foresters and homeowners will be able to let you know who has earned a good reputation.

At Turner Logging, we have multiple generations of logging service under our belt. We are experienced and have earned the reputation as a trustworthy forest service that prioritizes you and your property. We are not out to give you the lowest price we can get by with. We take great pride in building lasting relationships and a great reputation the honorable way – through our quality logging service.

Consider the Future with Forest Management

If you play your cards right, your timber sale will not be a one time event.  Log cutting and timber harvest will open up space for more trees to grow freely and for the existing trees to get more air circulation and sun exposure.  If you work with Turner Logging, we will help develop a forest management plan for you and implement it.  We will take great care of your property, enlisting the knowledge and expertise of our skilled team, and work toward a healthy forest and favorable timber harvest.  At Turner Logging, you are our priority.

Set Your Boundaries

Mapping out the logistics is important.  From knowing the true boundaries of your property to making sure that the details of what you want and expect are in your contract, being clear about the rules and boundaries will prevent a lot of potential strife between you and your logging company or your neighbors.

At Turner Logging, we are intentional in determining your needs and the needs of your property in order to provide you with a favorable timber harvest and a forest management plan that will provide a healthy forest.  Know your limits and be sure to share them with us.

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