Want to Work in Forest Management?

What You Need to Work in Forest Management

If working among the trees with heavy tools and machinery sounds like your kind of career, you may want to consider looking into a career in logging and forest management. Although, if you feel more comfortable behind a desk, there are opportunities for you, too. But, what skills do you really need to work in forest management?

Are there any specific qualifications you need? Or particular experience? Are you expected to have safety training, or do you get it on the job? Turner Logging looks into what you’d need to start a career in forest management services, whether it’s handling the tools or mapping out plans.

Physical Fitness

If you’re looking for a more hands-on involvement in forest management, then working as a logger as part of a team on the ground might be your ideal fit. However, it’s important to actually be fit, too. Working as a logger can be an extremely demanding when it comes to your physical condition, stamina, and endurance.

Not to mention, as we’ve covered in a previous blog entry about working in logging, it does have the potential to be dangerous. But, if you’re passionate and enthusiastic about it, it can be extremely fulfilling.

Taking Your Experience Further

But, what if you’re looking for something more technical? If you’re more interested in the management and strategy side of timber services, there are different avenues into a different kind of career.


Internships and associate’s degrees are a great way to a career in forestry, providing both education and experience.


Further still, advanced degrees are available in forestry, including Master’s of Science in forestry, and even degrees at Ph.D. level.

A Passion for Nature

A key to a rewarding career in modern forestry and logging services also needs a passion for nature. Eco-friendly and environmentally conscious practices are now extremely important factors of the industry and bringing globally and socially aware attitudes to your career can help you advance to the top.

Advanced degrees in Environmental Science or Environmental and Social Sustainability are great avenues to explore when it comes to reshaping and advancing the lumber industry. You’ll be well equipped to educate the public on the changing practices of logging companies like Turner Logging.

Your Career in Forest Management

If you feel like forest management is the career choice for you, there are plenty of opportunities to get into the industry. However, if you’re just here looking for a reliable forest and logging services, you can contact Turner Logging today.