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If you’ve ever wanted to see the Turner Logging, LLC team at work, check out our Youtube page! We frequently post videos that give you a sneak peak of our team hard at work, and occasionally offer some insight, facts, and other aspects of the logging industry. There’s no better way to get an inside look of Turner Logging, LLC!

check out our Youtube page


Get a Behind the Scenes Look at the Logging Process

Most of our videos will let you watch us do what we do best, logging and forestry! Watch us put our passion to work. Some of the things you can watch are videos of some of the incredible machines we use, videos of us pulling trees, and videos of the team hard at work. We also offer videos that break down some of our opinions and insights about the logging and forestry industry as a whole. We get some awesome footage with our GoPros, so make sure to check out all of our logging process videos. There’s nothing cooler than watching experts take care of business!

Come With Us on Our Adventures

Recently, we took a trip to Indiana to see how they do it over there. We have several videos of this adventure, and it really gave us more insight on the logging industry. These videos can do the same for you! Come with us on our adventures and see what we see. We are always looking to expand our knowledge, so there will be more adventures to come!

Get Timber Tracker Updates

In some of our videos, we’ll give you updates and information about our groundbreaking app Timber Tracker. Timber Tracker is constantly growing and improving. So check our our videos to see how we continue to innovate the logging industry and make it better for logging professionals all over the world. As the demand for timber grows, so does the need for a better way to do business. Timber Tracker works to meet this need, so make sure you’re staying up to date with our improvements!

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Turner Logging, LLC has been innovating and perfecting the logging process for four generations. Four generations ago we weren’t able to share our journey and experiences with everyone. The Internet and modern technology allows us to share our passion with the world. Subscribe to us on Youtube to get the full Turner Logging, LLC experience!

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