Why Forest Management is Important

Forest Management is a Crucial Part of Timber Harvesting

One of the most important aspects of what we do at Turner Logging, LLC is forest management. We take great pride in our dedication to making sure you make money while helping the health of the forest at the same time. Proper forest management makes sure you make money in the future, improves the overall health of the existing trees, and is more sustainable for the environment. Today in our blog, we’ll discuss why these things are so important.

Forest Health

The primary reason for forest management is that it’s better for the environment and the health of the forest than traditional logging methods. One thing we do is remove trees that are competing with each other for nutrients and sunlight. If too many trees are in one small area, they all will be weak and unable to grow to their full potential. By removing some of these trees, we allow the other trees to become stronger and healthier. By removing what is necessary for the forest to grow in a healthy manner, and harvesting the most profitable trees, we are able to make it so the area is harvestable for years to come. As the forest becomes healthier, so does the ecosystem within it. Healthy, strong trees attract all kinds of wildlife, which causes the forest to be even healthier. Effective forest management truly improves the environment for both flora and fauna.

Profitable for You

In addition to all the environmental benefits, forest management is also the most profitable for our clients in the long run. We’ll harvest the most profitable trees that are ready to be taken, but we’ll also make sure younger trees that will be profitable in the future have room to grow. With proper forest management, a forest can be harvested for many years. That means ongoing profits for you. We know how to effectively manage your forest and timber so that you get the most money possible, now and in the future.

Contact the Forest Management Experts

Turner Logging, LLC is a family-owned business who have been logging for many years. We have learned the best forest management techniques to ensure a great harvest every time we come to your site. We’ve created long-lasting business relationships with many of our clients due to our proven track record of efficiently and effectively harvesting their timber. For all your logging needs, contact Turner Logging, LLC. We look forward to working with you.