Timber Harvest Methods Explained: Selection Cutting

Selection Cutting Timber Harvesting Explained

Selection cutting is an extremely balanced and structured timber harvest method that logging and forest management companies use to maintain a forest. Unlike any other timber harvest method, selection cutting allows tree farmers to keep trees of different ages in their forest. Most other forms of forest management only allow trees of the same age, but this system allows farmers to reap the reward of slow and regular timber harvest over a long period of time.

What Is Selection Cutting?

Selection cutting is a forest management method that allows multiple groups of trees of differing ages to coexist in one tree farm. Oftentimes this method allows for multiple species of trees to coexist. When it comes time for a timber harvest, the forest management team only harvests trees of a specific age, allowing the other age groups to grow to maturity. In this way, the forest stays intact, as new trees seed and grow after each small harvest. The concept is very similar to continuous cover forestry.

How Does Selection Cutting Differ from Selective Cutting?

If a logging company tells you they wish to perform selective cutting, they are talking about something completely different. Both harvesting methods are selective in nature, but selection cutting limits the number of trees harvested to keep the ecosystem in place and to allow younger trees to mature. Selective cutting refers to the practice of cutting down only the best trees. This can actually damage your forest because it often takes the highest quality trees with the best genes from your farm without giving them a chance to regenerate. This will leave you with fewer high-quality trees when the time comes for your next timber harvest.

Is Selection Cutting a Good Timber Harvest Option?

Proper selection cutting takes a lot of thought and exact calculation. Though more difficult and demanding, requiring more patience than both shelterwood cutting and clearcutting, selection cutting keeps your forest healthier. It allows you to get a consistent and regular return on your trees, and it will keep your conscience clear. This method keeps the ecosystem healthy and reduces your carbon footprint. The positives tend to outweigh the negatives when you make this choice.

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