Common Myths About Logging

You’re Probably Wrong About Logging

For a lot of reasons, many people have a lot of misconceptions about the logging industry and general forest management. Unfortunately, due to past unethical practices by a lot of other forest management companies, many of these assumptions tend to be pretty negative. Forest services are often seen as damaging to the environment, and looking back on the history of logging, it’s not hard to see why.

Although many companies like Turner Logging now specifically strive to practice eco-friendly forest management, it’s hard to shake off these perceptions. We look at a few in our blog and do our best to dispel the myths.

It Destroys Forests

Likely the most enduring assumption about the entire timber industry and the practice of forestry management is that it destroys entire forests. Part of the reason for this is that it’s a complicated misconception to address since forest management does still involve clearing trees and there is plenty of evidence of how much forest we have lost due to past forestry practices.

But as time has gone on, the impact of many industrial practices on the planet has been brought to everyone’s attention. It’s become just as important for logging companies to compensate for their impact as it is to meet demand. Most companies now plant new trees in place the ones they fell and keep a closer eye on how their work affects the ecosystem.

Using Wood Is Bad for the Environment

Much like our first example, this misconception is hard to tackle because it’s a “yes and no” answer. Technically, if you frame it “destroying forests to make products out of wood” then yes, it certainly is. But, when you consider the versatility and reusability of wood, you can see its potential as a renewable material.

Wood is lighter than many building products, and the byproducts created through logging can be useful too – such as using the chips for mulch. Certain plastic or synthetic products have been touted as better alternatives to wood, but they often cause more damage to the environment through their manufacturing processes than cutting down and replacing trees.

Logging Companies Don’t Care

Looking back on how timber management used to be carried out, it’s easy to see why many people still have the impression that forestry companies care little about the environment. At Turner Logging, we know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Forest management is much more than just cutting down trees – it’s also about putting new ones in their place.

Reshaping and cultivating our natural environment and protecting the ecosystems has almost become an industry within an industry when it comes to logging. New research into how to compensate for – and even capitalize on – forestry and timber management is always emerging. In the age of environmental awareness, companies benefit far more from embracing it than not.

Ethical Practices in Logging

Turner Logging is always looking for new and innovative ways to carry out forest management and maintain the environment. Part of our goal is to erase the idea of the more damaging image many have of forest services. For green, ethical forest management, contact Turner Logging today.