Timber Management Services

Finding professional and quality Timber Management Services can be a difficult task. At Turner Logging, LLC we make it easy. We have passed down our logging company from generation to generation, making us experts in the logging industry. We are passionate about forestry and strive to provide you with forestry services that go above and beyond expectations. Our Timber Management services include harvest planning, plan implementation, and timber purchasing. Continue reading to find out more about Timber Management at Turner Logging, LLC.


Harvest Planning

Harvesting timber involves more than felling timber. It also involves in-depth and strategic planning in order to effectively and efficiently harvest trees. There are typically two main phases a professional logger will go through when it comes to harvest planning. These phases include:

  • Preliminary Pre-Harvest Planning: During this planning process, a professional forester will come to your property and evaluate the property, any possible problem areas, and identify management zones.
  • Comprehensive Harvest Planning: A comprehensive harvest plan involves more considerations and strategy when it comes to timber felling. This is typically completed by a professional logger and includes recommendations and a detailed harvest plan.

Plan Implementation

After working with you to create a harvest plan that best suits your needs, our professional loggers at Turner Logging, LLC will then implement the plan. We will conduct the felling, skidding, loading, and transportation of your timber. Once the plan is set into place, our experienced loggers can take the reigns and follow through with the plan.


Timber Purchasing

There are many landowners that decide to sell their timber to many different industries such as furniture, construction, pulp, and paper industries. At Turner Logging, LLC, we will fell, transport, and purchase your timber. Initially, we will come to your property and evaluate the worth of your timber. We will work with you to discuss your needs and discover the benefits of selling your timber. Our decades of experience in forestry and logging allow us to confidently answer any questions you may have about selling timber. Feel free to give us a call for more information about timber purchasing.

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