A History of Logging Services (Part 1)

A Brief History of Logging Services (Part 1)

Logging services and forest management have been around for a long time. Although they may not be what we’re familiar with now, practices in agriculture cultivation are some of the oldest talents that humanity has developed. Much of the landscape that surrounds us now is thanks to centuries of forest management. Turner Logging looks at how these methods have changed and how they are woven in with logging services.

You’d be surprised at just how long we’ve been using natural lumber supplies for logging services, and this is just part one in a blog series exploring how this industry has developed over time. Check back in the future for further entries in this series.

The Beginnings of the Lumber Industry

Cutting down trees for manufacturing and fuel began long before the founding of the United States. By the thirteenth century, from 1200-1300, certain wood supplies in Britain had already been used up by increasing industrialization.

The First Conservation Act

As an attempt to slow the destruction of Britain’s forests, the British Parliament passed what may be the earliest attempt at environmental conservation in the early 1540s. The Act for the Preservation of Woods was less out of care for the ecosystem and more about lengthening the life of the lumber supply.

Despite this attempt at slowing deforestation, the destruction of Britain’s forests continued. As a result, by the seventeenth century lumber prices had become so high that the poorest in society unable to afford the means to survive.

The New World and A New Source

While the struggle to maintain a supply of lumber in Britain went on, the colonization of the New World in the Americas introduced the potential for a brand new source of trees. Thanks to this seemingly endless land of vast greenery, it was decided that wood could be cut and exported from the Americas back to Britain.

The First Commercial Markets

It took a while for the potential for trade between Britain and the US to come to fruition, and it wasn’t until the mid-1500s that a healthy market would emerge. The supply of lumber, as well as fishing goods and supplies for ships, was established between New England and British supply ports.

Logging Services and Changing Times

Logging services are likely to continue to change as our relationship with nature and the technology we use does. Next time we’ll be looking at how forest management and logging services adapted as time went on.

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