How Log Cutting Can Promote Forest Health


The Benefits of Log Cutting on Forest Health

From an early age, we’re taught that cutting down trees is harmful. Imagery of wildlife losing their forest homes and talk of the rainforests being chopped down for paper and wood products has led to the misconception that tree cutting is bad for the environment. However, the truth is that tree cutting, when done responsibly, is actually beneficial, promoting healthy forestry.

Log Cutting Prevents the Spread of Bacteria and Disease

Like among humans, sickness can spread between trees as well. Log cutting gets the trees that are ridden with fungus, bacteria or disease out of the forest, harvests them and prevents further spread of the damaging elements. Crowding of trees widens the opening for pathogens and diseases that can affect an entire forest, killing hundreds of trees – log cutting narrows the opening.

Log Cutting Makes Trees Healthier

When a forest is dense with trees, there is less room for air circulation and sun exposure to the limbs of each tree – log cutting opens up the space and allows each tree the opportunity to grow and flourish more.

Log Cutting Opens More Ground Area for Healthy New Growth

Lower density of trees in the forest will also keep the elements that cause the trees to flourish – sunlight, air circulation and water – from being spread so thin.  Log cutting allows the forest floor to benefit from the elements too, creating a more hospitable ground for new trees to grow.  New growth is a good sign of a healthy forest, and as long as you continue timber management and harvest, you will have a continually flourishing forest.

Bonus: Log Cutting Decreases Risk of Forest Fires

An overly crowded forest creates an ideal place for a forest fire.  More trees to spread moisture thin and a breeding ground for a fire to quickly spread.  Not only will those trees light up like firewood, the heavily wooded area will be hard to get to with anything large enough to put out the fire.

No matter what hang-ups some may have about tree cutting, it is a step toward a healthy forest—one that you’ll get paid for!  If you are weighing the benefits of log cutting and considering hiring a logging service to help you with forest management, contact Turner Logging.  We will provide you with quality care and trustworthy service, keeping the health of your forest and property as our priority.  Don’t look at log cutting as the end for your trees, but as the beginning for your timber harvest and flourishing forest.

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