Monthly Archives: July 2017

Selection Cutting Timber Harvesting Explained Selection cutting is an extremely balanced and structured timber harvest method that logging and forest management companies use to maintain a forest. Unlike any other timber harvest method, selection cutting allows tree farmers to keep trees of different ages in their forest. Most other forms of forest management only allow […]

Shelterwood Timber Harvesting Explained Not every timber harvest technique works well for both large and small forested areas. A logging service needs to know which methods will produce the yield that the client wants. Shelterwood timber harvesting works extremely well for small farmers. If you want to spread out your harvest over a long period […]

Clearcutting Timber Harvesting Explained The most economically profitable and the historically most popular timber harvesting technique, clearcutting, has taken a lot of flack in recent years. Like most methods and aspects of forest management, clearcutting can have both a positive and a negative impact. For years, loggers and settlers used this method to clear large […]