Logging Services

At Turner Logging, LLC, we understand that landowners want to find a logging company that not only provides quality service but a company that is also professional and trustworthy. Our staff members at Turner Logging are passionate about working with you to plan and implement your timber harvest and increase the overall health of your forest.


What is Logging?

Logging is the process in which trees are felled, skidded, loaded, and transported by truck. Logging can be very difficult and dangerous, which is why it is important to hire a company that has years of experience in the logging industry. At Turner Logging, LLC, we have passed down our company and knowledge of logging and forestry for 4 generations. Additionally, we are NFPA certified, which ensures that our logging services follow the proper safety precautions and regulations. If you are looking for high-quality, safe, and reliable logging services in Kansas or Missouri, contact Turner Logging, LLC today.

How Logging Works

When it comes to logging, one of the first steps is to discover what your needs are. Why are you wanting logging services? Is it for agricultural purposes? Are you wanting to sell timber? Do you need trees removed to clear space? Once you have discovered your needs, it is recommended to contact a professional logging company to help you plan and implement your harvest. Some landowners attempt to fell trees on their own, but this can be very dangerous and ineffective without the proper knowledge.

Once you have contacted a professional logging company, like Turner Logging, LLC, we will perform a free evaluation assessment in order to evaluate your property, your timber, and what it is worth. If you then decide to follow through with the timber harvesting plan, our logging company will then take over from there. We will cut, skid, load, and transport your timber to the necessary location. Contact Turner Logging, LLC today and let us provide you with quality, safe logging services.


Common Application of Timber

As a landowner, you may be wondering what timber is used for. There are several applications for timber which include:

  • Supplying raw materials for the pulp and paper industry
  • Supplying raw materials to create furniture
  • Supplying raw materials for the construction industry
  • Clearing property for agricultural purposes
  • Increasing the health of your forest
  • Promoting the growth of your forest

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If you are looking for an experienced and professional logging company, contact our staff members at Turner Logging, LLC. You can call us by phone at 417-276-1484 any time of the day. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

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