Timber Tracker

Here at Turner Logging, we only trust the best machines and technology to help us get the job done. That’s why we utilize the mobile app Timber Tracker. Timber Tracker is an incredible app developed by Daniel Turner of Turner Logging, LLC and the App Pros in Springfield, Missouri. There was a need in the timber industry for an app that could make logging and forestry a little easier and a little more intuitive.


How it Works

Timber Tracker does a variety of extremely useful things to help loggers with daily tasks. You are able to estimate volumes and grades in your standing timber. It is also able to tally and grade the cut of your logs. This invaluable information is able to be quickly calculated and sent to customers in PDF form to get them a quick quote estimate. You can also download the info to use for your own records. Additionally, this app gives you the ability to list products and services on the vendor section of the app. This robust system allows you to reach more clients than ever before.

Benefits of the Timber Tracker

The benefits of Timber Tracker are numerous. You will save a huge amount of time with Timber Tracker, which means you’ll be saving money as well. Timber Tracker removes a good amount of tedious and arduous work from the logging and forestry process. In addition to this, it makes it much easier for you to connect with customers. Customers are able to view products and services, and get their prices quotes much faster. Less time spent on tedious tasks and better customer service makes Timber Tracker invaluable.


Is the Timber Tracker Right for My Logging Company?

If you have a logging company, then Timber Tracker is right for you. It is simply the best app for loggers. It was designed by loggers for loggers. It is intuitively designed, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly into your business model. If you have a logging company, you should be asking yourself why you don’t have Timber Tracker.

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Designed by Turning Logging, LLC, this app is a game changer for the timber industry. To learn even more, feel free to contact us or visit our website. We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Start making your life easier and your business better by downloading Timber Tracker today.

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