Logging and Forestry Services

At Turner Logging, LLC, we offer a variety of logging and forestry services for clients located in Kansas and Missouri. Our company has been passed down from generation to generation in order to provide you with reliable and quality logging services. We offer a variety of services to fulfill your logging and forestry needs. The services we provide at our company include Logging, Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), and Timber Management. Continue reading below to learn more about these services.


Logging is a strategic process that involves the cutting, skidding, and loading of timber to be transferred by truck. This in-depth process involves mastery-level skill and experience in the logging industry. At Turner Logging, LLC, we have decades of experience that ensures you will receive safe, expert-level logging services. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our logging services or to set up a free evaluation assessment.

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Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)

Like most plants, maintaining a healthy forest requires much more than just sunlight, soil, and water. Timber Stand Improvement, or TSI, is a developed strategy that helps to improve the health and growth of your forest or to remove trees that may be in the way. It is a way to enhance or improve the health of your trees and not just replace the trees. If you have an effective Timber Stand Improvement strategy, your trees will grow in size each year and at a faster rate. This is especially important as timber demand grows each year.


Timber Management

At Turner Logging, LLC, we provide high-quality timber management services in order for you to have the most effective harvest and forestry plan. Our Timber Management services include marking trees, harvest planning, plan implementation, and timber purchasing.Let our knowledgeable staff members at Turner Logging, LLC help you save time and energy with our effective timber management services!

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With decades of experience in logging and forestry, the staff members at Turner Logging, LLC are experts in the logging industry. We are passionate about our logging and strive to provide you with the best logging and forestry services possible. We are PTH certified, which means that we not only provide quality service but also service that follows important safety codes and guidelines. Contact us today at 417-276-1484 to set up a free evaluation assessment with one of our experienced staff members. We look forward to your call!

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