Timber Harvest: Identifying Trees

Types of Trees We Look for in a Timber Harvest

Certain types of trees are worth more money than others. When we do a timber harvest, we are primarily looking for two types of trees; walnuts and oaks. These trees bring in the most profits and have the widest variety of real-world applications. How many of these types of trees someone has on their land plays a huge factor on the bid we’ll make for the timber harvest. So how do you tell if you have walnuts and oaks on your property? Read our blog today to find out, or simply contact the experts at Turner Logging, LLC to get a bid on your land.

Walnut Trees

Walnut trees are coveted for use in high-quality furniture. The black walnut, in particular, is one of the best and most profitable trees around. Typically, you’ll find walnuts near well-watered areas like lowland rivers and streams. One of the easiest ways to tell if a tree is a walnut is to look at the area around it. If there are walnuts on the ground, there are walnut trees in the area. At Turner Logging, LLC, we have years of experience identifying these types of trees. We can usually tell what type of trees they are from far away, but for 100% confirmation, we’ll take a look at the bark of the tree. Walnut is deeply furrowed with a darkish hue. The leaves are serrated, alternating on each side of the stalk, with the stalk usually being about 2 feet in length.

Oak Trees

Oak trees are more common than walnut trees. In fact, there are around 600 species of oak trees. The red oak and white oak are among the most common. Oaks spread their seeds through acorns, so if you have oaks, you’ll probably see a good deal of reddish-brown and pale gray acorns. The easiest way to identify an oak tree is to look at the bark. The bark of an oak is almost always a shade of gray. The texture of the bark is hard with deep grooves and ridges. If you aren’t sure about the types of trees in your forest, contact Turner Logging, LLC to get a bid on your timber harvest.

Trust Us with Your Timber Harvest

If you’re looking for an efficient, professional company to do your timber harvest, look no further. Turner Logging, LLC can effectively perform your timber harvest and get you the most money possible, while promoting forest health. Contact us today or view the Turner Logging, LLC website for more information.