Info on Logging Service: Clear Cutting and Selective Logging

Differences in Clear Cutting and Selective Logging Service

Our logging service primarily consists of two logging methods; clear-cutting and selective logging. We’ve gone over this services a bit in the past, but today we’ll delve a little deeper. A combination of these two methods is the ideal way to create a healthy forest that yields profitable timber. We only use the most efficient and forest-friendly methods, so trust our logging service with your next timber harvest.


Clear-cutting is used to harvest wood without looking for any specific type of tree. Clear-cutting is primarily used to increase the health of the forest and promote the growth of specific types of trees. Trees such as oaks and walnuts grow better when they aren’t competing with less beneficial trees. Oaks and walnuts require a good amount of sunlight and moisture to truly thrive. Trees that are dead, or trees that don’t yield a profit, could be unnecessarily leaching these trees of the nutrients they need to grow. When we clear-cut, we harvest trees that may be causing detriment to the rest of the forest. By doing this, we are able to create an environment that will be more harvestable for profit in the future. Typically, we only use clear-cutting when it’s absolutely necessary to promote the health of the forest.

Selective Logging

Selective logging is when we harvest timber that will bring you a profit. We look for the best trees, such as oaks and walnuts, while leaving smaller trees to grow and harvest another day. When we leave the smaller oaks and walnuts, they are able to reseed the area. This way, the cycle perpetuates. We can come back in the future, and these smaller trees will be big enough to harvest. In the meantime, they will have reseeded enough to where there are smaller trees, just like last time, that we’ll leave to grow and reseed once again. This means a forest can potentially be profitable for generations to come. This is why forest management is such an important and integral part of our logging service. Logging is a long game, and you need a logging service that treats it as such.

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