Logging Fun Facts: Unique Uses for Timber

 Logging Info: Unique Ways that People Utilize Timber

Everyone probably knows that timber is used when making paper and furniture, but timber has far more applications than that. Everyone loves the beautiful, natural look of wood, so timber has been integrated into a variety of products to give them that one of a kind look. Timber is also a renewable resource, which makes it ideal for applying to products at a reasonable price. As a logging company, we love seeing timber utilized in unique and amazing ways. Check out some of our favorite unique uses for timber.

Musical Instruments

Timber is used to make a variety of instruments. Stringed instruments particularly benefit from the tonal and acoustic properties of certain types of wood. Depending on the type of wood used, it can give the stringed instrument a warmer or brighter tone. Some commonly used woods in guitars are maple, mahogany, and maple. The wood is shaped and crafted for the neck, body, and fretboard of a guitar, which creates a beautiful final product. Many musicians swear by the type of wood they use in their guitars. Other instruments that utilize wood include pianos, violins, clarinets, mandolins, and more.


There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a sauna, especially after a long day of logging! Timber, specifically spruce, pine, and cedar, are commonly used in saunas for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is the incredible heat tolerance of these types of wood. The heat resistance means the wood won’t warp and it won’t be hot to touch. They are also moisture resistant, which also prevents warping. The natural odors of wood also help to give saunas a pleasant aroma, instead of smelling the body odors and sweat of the people using it.


There is certainly an art to logging, but we’re still in awe of some of the incredible art pieces that people can create with wood. Wood is hard, but it’s fairly easy to form, so people have been able to make amazing sculptures and carvings using a variety of types of wood. One notable and impressive example is totem poles. These intricate pieces of art depict the cultures and beliefs of the native people who carved them. These can range anywhere from 10 feet tall to 132 feet, the tallest one currently on record.

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