A Few Benefits of Logging

What Are the Benefits of Logging?

The wood harvesting industry gets a bad rap sometimes. Many people immediately think of deforestation and the destruction of the rainforest when they hear the word logging. These terrible things happen, but at Turner Logging, we think of ourselves as more of a forest management company.

We harvest trees, yes, but we do so in an appropriate and eco-friendly way. In fact, the type of forest management we engage in helps create a healthy and thriving ecosystem. We outline some of the benefits of logging below.

Creates a Healthy Environment for All Trees

Properly choosing the right trees to cut is a crucial aspect of our job. We make sure to harvest and extract any diseased trees. This helps prevent the spread of fungi and bacteria that can damage surrounding trees. Harvesting dead and dying trees doesn’t add to deforestation or drastically reduce the forest’s overall oxygen output because the trees were already struggling to begin with.

Makes the Forest Safer

When tree cutting includes harvesting the older trees, the forest becomes a safer place for everyone. A strong wind or storm can easily knock over a diseased tree. This can block a road, destroy vehicles, hurt someone walking through the woods, or damage a home. Proactive forest management practices call for checking diseased trees and removing them.

Allows Healthy Trees More Nutrients

Logging companies such as ours cut down specific trees. We pick and choose the trees we harvest in a way that allows other, younger trees to grow and flourish. When older trees take up a large percentage of the overall forest canopy, they take away sunlight from younger trees that need it for their growth. Dying trees may also have large root systems that absorb water and other nutrients from the ground, stealing them from other trees who may need it more. When we come and harvest these trees, we allow the younger trees to get more nutrients with less competition.

Makes Our Lives Easier

Let’s face it, logging makes our lives much easier. From your firewood to the frame of your home, harvesting trees helps you maintain your current lifestyle. Life would be quite different if we never harvested wood or performed logging. If we continue to perform conscientious and sustainable forest management, then we can continue to benefit from lumber for years and years to come.

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