Video of Timber Scouting

Timber Scouting

Scouting Timber in Central Missouri Video

In this video, you’ll get an inside peek of part of our bid preparation process. You’ll also get a bit of an idea of what trees make for a good project and what trees don’t. When you have a logging company working on your property, you want them to have the knowledge and experience to get you the best timber possible. With Turner Logging, LLC you’re getting generations of expertise and a company you can trust. Check out the video for more or read on for a brief overview.

Preparing a Bid

People often ask us what goes into preparing a bid for a project. While there are a variety of factors, some of the biggest are the types of trees, the number of those trees, how big they are, and the quality of said trees. While this isn’t a comprehensive breakdown of the bid preparation process, it can give you a solid understanding of how it works. When we make a bid on a project, we’re looking to make the client the most money possible. We thrive off of repeat business, so we always make it our goal to give our clients fair bids and manage the harvest so that we can return one day to harvest again.

Good Timber

In the video you’ll notice several different types of trees were on this bid site. A good amount of oaks and walnuts were present, but there was also cottonwood trees, a tree much less desirable for its timber. These are big factors to take into account when determining how much we can make a client. You’ll also notice some of the trees were perfectly good, but at risk for splitting when felled. That’s why you want a company with expertise. We know how to properly extract your timber without losing good timber in the process. As a company that has been around for years, we know how to pay attention to the pricing and trends in the timber industry. Our expertise allows us to make accurate estimations as to fair bids and what we can do for our clients with their available timber.

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