Video of Our First Day on a New Logging Job

Logging Equipment 2

First Day on a New Logging Job

In this video, you get to ride along for our first day on a new job. You’ll get an inside look at parts of our process and the type of equipment we use to get the job done. You also may notice us using some of our timber management techniques to ensure that this site is able to be harvested again in the future. Check out the video or read on for a brief overview.

The Logging Process

In the video you’ll see some pretty typical parts of the logging process. Barking is highlighted in a section of the video. Barking is what we do to save our chains some wear and tear. You’ll see us felling some trees as well as hooking them up to the skidder and dragging them away. If it all looks easy in the video, it’s only because we’ve been doing this for many years! Turner Logging, LLC is a generational business with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the logging industry. That’s why our clients trust is to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Using the Right Equipment

In the video you’ll also see one of our skidders hard at work. We use the best equipment to do the job right. We keep our equipment up to date and operating at full capacity so we can take care of your timber safely and efficiently. A big part of doing the job is using the right equipment. Not only does it keep us safer, it handles the timber better so that it doesn’t get damaged during the harvesting and transportation process. The other part of this is knowing the proper methods and techniques to properly take down the timber. That’s why you want to pick a logging company who has both the equipment and know-how to harvest your timber correctly. With Turner Logging, LLC you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of both.

Choose Turner Logging, LLC

To get the best logging services in the business, contact Turner Logging, LLC. Our deep passion and pride in our work makes us the right choice for you. We use the most effective timber management techniques so your sites can be harvested for years to come, while still harvesting the best timber available now to make you the most money possible. For more information contact us today or view the Turner Logging, LLC website. Take a minute to subscribe to our Youtube channel and be sure to check back for more awesome videos!